Welcome to African Medical Tourism Congress - TUNISIA UTICA Center - Tunis 03-05 April 2019

African Medical Tourism Congress - TUNISIA


Why Visit AMTC TUNISIA 2019?

OBSERVE key competitors and discover how to gain an advantage in the market. EXPLORE exciting medical travel destinations - source various medical services from many countries. MAKE new contacts and set up revenue channels in the region. BENCHMARK the quality of services that you provide to your patients. See an extensive range of the latest products, services, equipment, and technology in the healthcare market. Learn about industry developments and trends.

  • Official delegations

  • Medical tourism facilitator agencies

  • Medical and paramedical representatives

  • Medical and health tourism key persons

  • Health insurance and social security funds in-charge persons

  • Public and private hospital decision-makers

  • Pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical laboratory managers

  • Medical equipment manufacturers,importers and distributors

  • Company executives of all the medical tourism and health sectors

  • Heads of training and professional structures

  • Investors