• Hôtel Le palace Gammarth Tunis
  • 27 , 28 & 29 Mars 2020
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African Medical Tourism Congress

Tunisia benefits from a strategic geographical position which makes the country a junction point between the Arab world, Africa and Europe. The history of Tunisia is a long swing between Africa, East and West. Medinas, fortresses, Carthaginian remains, Romans ... seven sites and monuments are inscribed by UNESCO on the World Heritage List for their cultural value: these are the sites of Carthage, Dougga, El jem and Kerkouane as well as the medinas of Tunis, Kairouan and Sousse. Tunisia has achieved a happy synthesis of multiple influences. Andalusian refugees, Italian artisans and Turkish sponsors have all made their mark. This is how the Testour minarets are reminiscent of Spanish architecture, the Kairouan ceramics use Ottoman motifs, the Beys mausoleums - sovereigns of Tunis - are decorated in marble in the Italian style. Likewise, freed Africans are at the origin of a specific musical style called "stambali". This cultural richness is also found in gastronomy with Berber, Andalusian and Turkish roots.









27-29 Mar 2020
>50 Stands
>50 Speakers

for Exhibitors

The African Medical Tourism Congress is committed to providing a platform where medical tourism organizations can identify business prospects in perspective and enable service seekers to find quality healthcare providers. We invite all stakeholders around the world who want to attract consumers and expand their market. The main objective of the exhibition is to provide stakeholders with an opportunity to interact, share and identify opportunities in medical and health tourism services.



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