African Medical Tourism Congress - TUNISIA
Congress Palace - Tunis
07-09 November 2018
Under the Auspice of the
Tourism Ministry and Health Ministry
TUNISIA : a privileged destination
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Incontestable quality
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Tunisia, a Regional Health Center

Due to its exceptional geographical position, which is both African and stretched to the south of Europe by the Mediterranean Sea, Tunisia has significant assets to strengthen its position as a regional health center. Indeed, thanks to the competence of its human resources and their know-how, also thanks to its modern and well equipped private and public health facilities, over the last twenty years , Tunisia has been able to attract more and more foreign patients, mainly from neighboring countries, but also from other African and European countries.

SPA in Tunisia

The activity of thalassotherapy in Tunisia has crossed important levels in less than twenty years. Today, it's ranked second in the world just after France. With a great number of marine cures centers integrated into a hotel establishment almost equal to those existing in France. Year after year, well-being has asserted itself as a sure bet for Tunisian tourism. Clean air, a mild and sunny climate most of the year, A sea water rich in mineral salts and trace elements And many thermal springs giving it solid assets To engage in such development. In this country, The recognition of the virtues of spas goes back to Antiquity recognizing the fame of Carthage SPA ... this has gone through history. Even today, many thermal springs are still exploited in traditional hammams. With this long traditions of hammams and massages added the expertise of the years 2000. if we add SPA and hydrotherapy, the country reaches the 450 centers dedicated to well-being and / or health. Many hotels have opted for the Spa without having a thalassotherapy center providing fresh water care associated with a series of sophisticated protocols and rituals.


AMTC TUNISIA otherwise the congress of medical Which is an international professional and public event "B to B to C" dedicated to health and medical tourism. All the most favorable conditions are created to allow the exhibitors to grasp the evolution of the market and to establish fruitful commercial relations. In detail, the program of the AMTC TUNISIA event is built around three days of conferences' workshops and animations dedicated to medical tourism, health and tourism of seniors. Communication, territorial marketing and digitization will be among the themes of conferences and workshops.

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